Agents -- Your Mission Continues!

This year' s Vacation Bible school 

 was so much fun and the kids really seemed to enjoy it, so we are keeping the mission going.  We will be posting "missions" they can check out on here.  

  The missions will tell the stories of other Agents of Faith direct from Scripture.  It might be an animated video, or one of us doing a briefing to tell the story, but either way we encourage you to check out this page for new adventures for your little agents of faith.

Plan on seeing some of the "spy stuff" on here as well with puzzles, cyphers, cool snack ideas and so much more.

Coming Soon - the Agents Hotline

We will be putting a notification system in place very soon that will allow you to get notifications when new Agent missions or content is added to the site.  Keep your eyes peeled for an email with this information.

But for now just click the link below to check out the next Agent of Faith -- Code Name: Zookeeper

Check Out this Agent of Faith